OGP România 2016 Timetable

Română / English

Date Actions
28 January Online publication of the proposed 2016 Timetable and action plan for OGP Romania.
OGP Club meeting for discussions on the proposed 2016 Timetable.
15 February –
15 April
Public consultation period:
–        Online consultation open for the whole 2 months;
–        Collecting proposals and suggestions from public institutions (ministries);
–        Stakeholder meetings.
Publication of the IRM Report.
15 January –
28 April
Co-creation with the civil society of the first draft of the 2016-2018 NAP, based on the government priorities, IRM Report and consultation results.
28 April Publication of the first draft of the NAP and holding a public debate (OGP Club).
5 May Submission of the first draft of the NAP to the OGP Support Unit for feedback and peer review.
1 June Publication of the new NAP version including the Support Unit recommendations.
1 – 21 June Public consultation period for the updated version of the NAP (online and meetings).
21 – 30 June Final version of the NAP is created, in collaboration with civil society, including the feedback from the latest public consultation.
30 June Government approval of the final version of the 2016-2018 Plan.
Publication of the 2016-2018 NAP.
Sending the NAP to the OGP Support Unit.
1 July Implementation period for the new action plans begins.
1 July –
30 September
Develop and publish the End of term Self-Assessment.
1 – 23 September Public consultation on the End of term Self-Assessment draft (online and meetings).