OGP Romania 2016 Awards

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OGP Romania 2016 Awards Contest Framework


The development of applications and visualization solutions using data provided by the public administration demonstrates the potential of the data by identifying existing problems within the system and possible solutions and facilitates communication and dialogue between public institutions and citizens. In Romania, as well as in other countries, programming marathons or other app development competitions prove the importance of publishing open data sets generated and managed by the public administration.


The objective of the competition is to generate applications that make use of the pubic open data with the purpose of offering information or services to citizens and / or of helping public institutions improve their activity.


– entry in the competition is open to anyone developing an application or visualization based on the re-use of open data (designed for the web, mobile or other software platform);

– the app / visualization may be developed either by one person or by a team;

– participants may enter one or more apps, provided they follow the competition rules;

– the application must be at least a functional prototype.

Data Sources

The data sets used must be mainly data published by institutions under an open government license, such as that uploaded on the data.gov.ro, insse.ro, mfinante.ro gateways.

Open data published by European or international public institutions may also be used, either to add to the available data on Romania, or to place Romania in the European or international context.

Data generated by the public or published by private entities may also be used, provided the data is open (both technically and legally).

dataportals.org provides a comprehensive list of open data portals from around the world. The Open Data Index (global.census.okfn.org) provides information on the availability of data on procurement and health performance in almost 150 countries.


Participants must submit at least one application or visualization tool addressing aspects of Public Procurement or Health, based on the open data sets. The source code of the application must be made available under an open license.

We encourage the re-use of data from other fields, related to Public Procurement or Health (for example: budget, environment, education, research, labour and social life, food safety and others), adding value to the data and emphasising problems within the system and possible causes.


  • Andrei Nicoară (Chancellery of the Prime-Minister)
  • Gabriel Dumitru (Agency for the Digital Agenda of Romania)
  • Gabriela Cristișor (Ministry of Health)
  • Ovidiu Voicu (Centre for Public Innovation)
  • Valentina Dimulescu (Romanian Academic Society )

Award Criteria

  1. Relevance:
  • Usefulness – level of utility in terms of information or services provided to citizens and/or public institutions
  • Impact – potential of the application to generate positive change
  1. Functionality:
  • Ease of Use – the overall usability of the application
  • Characteristics and functions
  • Accessibility – app is accessible for visually impaired people
  1. Completion:
  • Level of completion
  • Replication: potential to be replicated to new fields and/or to have new functions added
  • Availability: extent to which the application is available to its end users
  1. Originality


Submission Process

Submissions will be collected through the ogp.gov.ro website, in the Awards section.

Submissions will include the following information:

  • Name of Applicant / Team
  • Name of Application / Visualization solution
  • Description
  • Data it uses
  • Application Link
  • Source Code Link



Contest Timeframe

1 February 2016 – Contest opens (Online submission of applications)

29 February 2016 – Contest closes

5 March 2016 – Application Showcase and Awards