2018 Timetable

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Month Actions
March International Open Data Day / Culture Hack – programming and awarding (3 March)
– launch of the public consultation period (March-April) for the co-creation of the 2018-2020 National Action Plan (NAP)
April – online consultation and public debates for the co-creation of the 2018-2020 NAP
– public consultation on the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) mid-term Report for the 2016-2018 NAP
May – publication of the draft 2018-2020 NAP and start of the second public consultation phase (May-July)
Open Government Week (7-11 May, TBC)
June – online consultation and public debates on the draft 2018-2020 NAP
July – final version of the 2018-2020 NAP
– OGP Global Summit Georgia (17-19 July)
August – Government approval of the 2018-2020 by Memorandum
– publication of the approved 2018-2020 NAP on the ogp.gov.ro website
– submission of the approved 2018-2020 NAP to the OGP Support Unit to be published on the opengovpartnership.org website

September –


– drafting the end of term Self-Assessment Report for the 2016-2018 NAP, in collaboration with the agencies and civil society partners responsible for the implementation
– public consultation and debate on the draft Self-Assessment Report
November – publication of the final version of the Self-Assessment Report